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在2022一帶一路 經濟開發與自貿園區聯盟年會上的致辭
■ 陳百里 [第3534期 2022-12-31發表]

As there are a couple of Consul Generals and English-speaking guests today, if you don't mind, I would like to share my thoughts in English.

First of all, congratulations to the Hong Kong Economic Herald for successfully hosting today's annual meeting and the sharing session. Over the past seven plus decade, you have done a great job to help with the economic development, social development in Hong Kong and country good to our great success today. So, my sincere thanks to you all.

This year is a very important milestone for Hong Kong, marking the twenty fifth anniversary of return to motherland. President Xi Jinping in his important speech on July 1 stressed that the “One country, two system” principle must be adhered to in the long run.

The central government fully support Hong Kong to maintain distinguished status and advantages, reinforcing our role as an international financial shipping and trading center. And that has given strong assurance to maintain our role of a key connector between our country and the rest of the world, together with many of the distinguished advantages such as the common law system, our business funding environment, the internationally wide registry system and also free trade or goods capital information etc.
So, I think Hong Kong is and will continue to be a key link for the Belt and Road offering excellent project financing and high value at the national services.

As I talk about the link and connection, I think the connectivity of Hong Kong is also very self-explanatory. We are the natural base to enter the mainland and also the Asian markets. We are also a central player in the GBA (Greater Bay Area). We are strategically located in the center of Asia.

A lot of you are aware that Hong Kong - well, half of the world's population are in five hours flight time from Hong Kong. Our airport connects to like 220 destinations in the world and our air cargo - we have been ranking number one over the past many years and on the report we have maintained marine cargo movement with more than ninety countries along the belt and road.

So, with all these institutional and competitive advantages, HK certainly has the very great future, playing a main role in the belt and road initiative. One prime example is - we are looking Hong Kong as a financial and professional service provider for our belt and road compartments. As you would all agree, Hong Kong is an international financial center serving both regionally and an international. Well, perhaps let me share with you some number some statistics.

If I remember correctly, our securities market capitalization valued at 5.4 trillion US dollar last year in 2021, and that represent fourteen times of our GDP. In terms of the assets for our banking sector, that number valued at 3 trillion US dollars, which represents nine times of GDP. The assets under management valued at 4.5 trillion US dollars, which is about 12 times of our GDP. And on top of that, in terms of the fundraising, I think we rank number one in nature and number two worldwide - in terms of fundraising for biotech companies last year. And we also came in first in terms of hedge funds in Asia, and we came in second in terms of private banking of the world. So, all these numbers suggests that Hong Kong has a very mature and competitive financial system, and we also have a lot of capable professional service providers. So that has made Hong Kong a premier financial center, international financial center for a lot of our Belt and Role infrastructural projects.

Well, among many initiatives and among many opportunities that Hong Kong can offer the Belt and Road countries, I would like to touch on one very important aspect. President Xi Jinping again in its important speech on July 1 reminded us that the government in Hong Kong has to be transformed so that a capable government can serve the efficient market. So as some of our efforts to help create strong impotence for our economic growth, we have been working very closely with Shenzhen to develop Hong Kong as an innovation at technology and health. We will be focusing on development in AI and manufacturing, health and life sciences, etc.

We are also pressing ahead many of our local infrastructural projects. For example, in northern Metropolis, the Lantau Tomorrow Vision and also, there are a whole lot of road, railway and land development projects. As you can see, capitals, talents and enterprises are all essential in achieving the goals of objective I just mentioned. So, we warmly welcome companies or businesses or talents from all over the world, especially Belt and road countries and people to come to HK. Well, in a couple of days, we are going to announce some of our initiatives and suggested in the policy address, we are going to have policy and support measures to attract talents and enterprises into HK. So, in a couple of days, we are going to announce such a measure or how we do that, so please stay tune.

Ladies and gentlemen, connectivity is at the core or the heart of the Belt and Road countries. I am very much convinced that the challenges we have been facing in the past couple of years, have given way to a very widespread and wide regional opportunity and Hong Kong is well positioned to seize on such opportunities, with prospect along the belt and road.

Finally, I'd like to thank again the Hong Kong Economic Herald for your wonderful work in the past and the crucial growth in the future. I look forward to having more dialogue and collaboration with you all. I wish everybody here the best business growth and good health. Thank you so much.