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中國名片 | 湖南故事 擁有前世今生記憶的通道“再生人”
The name card of China,The story of Huna:People live in Tongdao county have memories of past lives
張思靜 Zhang Sijing [第3464期 2020-04-27發表]
Have you heard of reincarnation? Do you believe people have past lives? According to its 5,000-year history, Chinese civilization is extensive and profound. There remain too many unknowns and wonders that encourage us to explore and discover.

In the junction of Guizhou, Hunan, and Guangxi, the gathering area of Dong minority,there is a group of people who claim to be reincarnated after death and can clearly remember the events of their past lives. Those people are called reincarnating people. Today, let us walk into Tongdao county in Huaihua and listen to the stories of rebirth which made the city the most legendary, for even experts cannot explain.
At the southern end of Tongdao County, there is a Dong township called Pingyang. Located at the junction of Hunan and Guangxi province, Pingyang has the largest population of rebirth in the world. The local people's interpretation of the rebirth is that they can tell what their name was, how they lived, what they did, how they died and things about their neighbors and relatives by the time they can speak. What's more, some remember the former places where they lived or buried and some of them back to the relatives of their previous lives.


Haunting Memories of their former family
In order to clarify the phenomenon of rebirth, the cultural department of Tongdao County made a lot of visits in Pingyang. After recording amounts of reincarnation tales, they mainly categorize the rebirth in Pingyang’ s Dong village into three types. The first type of people reborn with the memories of their former families. Another type is that people who reincarnated by the animals. The third circumstance is the reincarnation of accidental deaths.
Officials from the local cultural department told us a real case of reincarnation with memories of past families. When Wu Chunli from the fifth group of Matian Village in Pingyang Township got married, Wu Yuheng, a young man in the village,who is eight months younger than Chunli, attended the wedding as her father and gave away a lot of dowry and gifts. It turns out that Wu Yuheng's previous life was Wu Chunli's father, Wu Jinhui.

Twenty-seven years ago, Wu Jinhui died from a sudden and serious illness, leaving eight-month-old Chunli to live with her grandmother. However, Wu Jinhui, who died at his prime of life, soon back to the Wu family for reincarnation and became Wu Yuheng, Wu's youngest son. At the age of 4, Wu Yuheng visited Chunli's house with his father. When he saw the wooden abacus in Chunli's hand, little Yuheng pointed out that it is the abacus he had used when he worked as a clerk in the production team. When he saw the shoulder pole behind the door, he recognized that it is the shoulder pole that he borrowed from Wu, a friend belonged to the eighth group of the production team. In addition, he admitted that he had borrowed 20rmb from his friend when he got married and he has n’ t paid him back.
Returning home after the visiting, Yuheng frequently mentioned the 20rmb that he owed. Yuheng's father found his speak seems reasonable, so he went to friend Wu to figure it out. Unexpectedly, what Yuheng said is the truth. Also, Wu Jinhui’s wife confirmed that Yuheng did borrow 20rmb at that time. Soon after, Chunli’s s Grandma heard about this story. She takes it for granted that families should be responsible for the debt. Thus, on behalf of Wu Jinhui, she paid the money back. Since then, Yuheng no longer mentions the matter.

In 2011, Tongdao County officials and experts of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences conducted a study on the phenomenon of regenerating people in Pingyang Township and concluded that "the existence of regenerating people is affirmed, but no scientific basis has been found". That gives us endless space for imagination. If you are curious, welcome to the beautiful Tongdao County of Huaihua. Seeing is believing.
(Photo: Courtesy of Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism)

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